Automate Customer Support Operations with AI

Identify common issues and use AI suggested solutions for fast responses and happy users

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See the big picture

Aide shows you pain points and contact reasons to help you create solutions for recurring issues

Inbound Analytics

Visualize issues

Pinpoint opportunities for improvement and what would have the biggest impact on user success and satisfaction

Create better products, user guidance and resolution steps to reduce the load on your team for common issues

  • Visual AidSee every customer message, conversation and category your customers contact you about
  • Validate ImpactVerify how the changes you make to your upstream processes affect your customers
  • Semantic AnalyticsSee how topics and contact reasons shift over time based on customer's underlying intents
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How it works

Models that improve over time

We deploy cutting-edge AI models to help you learn from your data and fast-track optimizations to your support process with no in-house expertise or effort required

No Labeling RequiredNo Labeling RequiredWe don’t need you to label tickets to provide training examples for our models, it’s hands free
Expanding CoverageExpanding CoverageOur models start at a baseline of accuracy and gradually expand coverage without compromise
Active LearningActive LearningUse your data as the source of truth. As your data grows, so does the precision of our models
Continuous ImprovementGrowing AccuracyYour data always changes, so should your models. Aide observes changes in your data and adapts to it


What Aide brings to the table

Aide helps executives make better decisions and operations, and agents more efficient

92%Tagging accuracy
30 hoursSaved per agent / month
20%Less time spent / ticket
50%Less time onboarding agents
Streamline Operations
Reduced Repetition
Reduced Turnaround Time
Smooth Onboarding

Agent Assist

Respond faster

Customers bring issues, Aide brings solutions — our intelligent suggestions free your team from manually looking up knowledge

AI Suggestions

Make new agents
effective from day one

Aide surfaces knowledge in Front and Zendesk to help you respond faster with less effort

Our suggestions help you respond consistently, adhere to SOPs and onboard new agents faster

  • Knowledge on TapAccess every bit of knowledge your organization has — for quick resolution and happy customers
  • Faster OnboardingAide helps your agents become effective and self-sufficient from day one
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Front Tags and Cards

How it works

Always one step ahead

Whenever a message is received, our intelligent suggestions kick in to surface a response and a solution before you even open the conversation

Automated TaggingAutomated TaggingOur models identify contact reasons with high accuracy and label conversations
Knowledge SurfacingKnowledge SurfacingWe pre-emptively surface solutions for each issue based on what the user is asking
AutomationsAutomationsDo more with less — automate mundane tasks to allow your team to focus on what truly matters
Customer LifecycleCustomer LifecycleGet the full picture of your interactions with every customer throughout history

Knowledge Management

Organize and share knowledge

Shared knowledge is a critical asset for high-performing teams, Aide helps you keep it up to date and surfaces it when needed

Share Knowledge

Curate cards and SOPs

Create step-by-step solutions for common issues and keep your macros and shortcuts updated and synchronized across platforms

Aide suggests a solution card for every conversation — saving you the trouble of looking up knowledge

  • Stay OrganizedKeep all of your response templates and processes neatly categorized and accessible
  • Import Existing KnowledgeWe automatically import your response templates from Front and Shortcuts and Macros from Zendesk
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Quotes from our Customers

Aide saves our support team hundreds of hours every month, reducing our need and expenses by 30%. Their impact cannot be overstated.
Chris Jones
Director of Operations
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