Zendesk Integration

Aide for Zendesk

Connect Aide to Zendesk to analyze topics and get the full range of Aide features including tagging and Agent Assist to improve your team's efficiency

Aide for Zendesk


Aide tags messages in Zendesk and suggests cards that contain processes and macros for each tag. This helps your team speed up their workflow and reduces context-switching

  • Automated TaggingWe identify and tag your messages as soon as they land in your inbox to help you move faster and keep your team and operations organized
  • Knowledge SurfacingGet the right card to instantly respond to your customers without having to manually lookup steps, macros, or shortcuts
Zendesk Tags and Cards


Our Zendesk Integration allows our customers to import their data into Aide for analysis and exploration. Using our technology, we are able to identify topics and automatically tag conversations and suggest responses for every new conversation.

How it works

After scheduling a demo and connecting your Zendesk account, we import your ticket history to identify the different categories and topics your customers most commonly ask. Once that process is complete, we are able to automatically tag any new conversations that belong to those categories.

Your data will be available in your Aide dashboard for exploration and analysis using our Explore visualization. In addition to this, you will also able to use our Agent Assist features with our widget inside Zendesk, which automatically surfaces cards that correspond to every tag — each card contains processes and macros to help you resolve customer issues efficiently and effectively.

An added benefit of Aide is it helps you manage your knowledge across different sources, such as Chat Shortcuts and Macros by keeping them all in the same place and automatically synchronizes any changes you make to all locations.

Setting it up

You only need to sign up for an Aide account and connect Zendesk. Once that's complete, Install Aide inside Zendesk to begin receiving suggestions.

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